Personal Injury

When your client is pursuing or defending an action resulting from an MVA, slip and fall or other event, we know that you need an independent report with the right number.

We use our significant experience and strong analytic skills to ensure our report doesn’t overstate or understate the loss.
Our reports conclude on any or all of these items as they apply to your client’s case, both for plaintiff and defendant’s counsel:

Economic Loss Reports

We prepare independent Expert Economic Loss Reports in relation to injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accidents, slip & fall, medical malpractice, workplace injury and so forth. 

Economic losses may include past lost income including interest, the present value of future lost income, future lost pension income and future care costs.

In determining losses, we utilize multiple approaches and techniques depending on the employment history of the individual, their future plans if not for the injury, their age and various other factors.  Our experts gather all of the necessary documentation (employment records, tax returns, income statements, school transcripts, etc.) in addition to speaking with each client to best understand how the related injury has impaired past and future earnings. 

Income Replacement Benefit Reports

We prepare calculations for past and future income replacement benefits (or non-earner benefits) under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule.  Our experts gather all of the necessary financial records before and after the accident to determine weekly benefit entitlements (up to the limits imposed by the SABS).

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